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Beta Immune Activator


A Simple way to insure a Long and Healthy Life:

You have the power to overcome almost any health problem. The effectiveness of your immune system determines the quality of your health. In fact, many scientists now state that you are only as young as your immune system and the real cause of death is failure of it. A well functioning and properly activated immune system is the key to living the long, healthy and active life style that you want.

Your immune system is a very complex marvel of power and efficiency, and if working properly it can overcome almost any health problems and keep you living youthful for a great many years.


“A well functioning and properly activated immune system is the simple key to living a long, healthy and active lifestyle”

Your Cells are Designed to Live 120 Years:

So why is it that the average person only lives less than 80 years? Why is it that some people live to 80 years or more and still remain healthy, alert and active, while others who may only be 60, end up looking and feeling more like 95?

Scientists now know that one of the major reasons why so many people live far below their potential for youth, good health, and a long life is that there are a large number of things which compromise their immune systems.

A compromised immune system is one that does not use all of its powerful weapons to keep you in great health. Instead, a compromised immune system is slow to respond and in many cases does not recognize harmful pathogens and dangerous invaders for what they really are. It allows them to continue and to multiply. Now you have very serious diseases from chronic colds and flu’s to fast spreading cancers and tumors. When this happens you become old way before your time and die long before your full allotment of years. Everyone wants to live a long, happy and active life. Nobody wants to age prematurely, or become a burden for someone else to take care of them. What good is all your success and achievement in life if you can’t enjoy it and live life on your terms?

The Macrophage - Where it all Starts:

The name “Macrophage” is literally translated to meaning “Big Eater.” Your macrophages are constantly watching for signs of harmful invaders and once they recognize them, most of the time they attack and ingest the invading organism before it gets a chance to really set up shop and take over your body. These harmful invaders by the way are very capable of multiplying by 10,000 in less than 1 minute!

Macrophages are everywhere. This is no accident. They are so important that you will find them by the millions throughout your body. They fight the daily battle and are replaced by new healthy macrophages every day. Sometimes by the millions in less than 1 hour!


Macrophages have got to be Responsible:

It is the responsibility of your macrophages to not only recognize a harmful pathogen for what it really is, but to also call in the appropriate immune system weapons at your disposal to eliminate it quickly and efficiently. Sending your immune system missiles on a full scale attack for some left over debris is an over kill and could easily kill you. If you or someone you know has a severe allergic response to bee stings or shellfish or any other type of food allergies, you know how powerful your immune system can be. In a matter of minutes if you can’t calm down an overactive immune system, you could be dead.

Sending the missiles in to attack a large cancerous growth however, can destroy the cancer cells and put you back into good health in a hurry. Many people call this process “spontaneous remission” but in reality the cancer didn’t just disappear, your immune system attacked, destroyed and then got rid of the cancerous cells quickly. Calling in the appropriate weapons to deal with pathogens of debris is of critical importance. This is the job of your macrophages. Your activated macrophages that is.

How a Macrophage is Activated:

An activated macrophage is very impressive. It is  extremely difficult for the bad guys to escape detection, identification and destruction by a fully activated macrophage. Activate your Immune System and put a quick end to these deadly and debilitating diseases!

Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Common Cold, Influenza, Meningitis, Yeast Infections, Poor Memory and Mental Function, Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, Fungus.

Macrophages are Everywhere:

In your Liver, Blood Stream, Your Skin, Under your Eye Lids, In your Throat, Inside your Nose,

Inside your Mouth, Inside your Lungs and Bronchial Tubes.

Once identified correctly, you can bet that your Macrophage will call in the weapons needed to destroy the invading organism. Whatever it takes.

Every macrophage actually has 9 different receptor sites that can be activated much like a switch. Think of these receptor sites as a lock and key arrangement. When the protein structure of a harmful pathogen matches any one or all of the receptor site is activated on your macrophage. Now starts the detection process which activates your macrophages, and the battle begins.

The more receptor sites that the invader matches the more alert is the macrophages places them at the highest state of alert and readiness.Every type of virus, bacteria, fungus, cancers and even tumors are fair game for a fully activated macrophage!

Keeping your Macrophages Alert and Ready:

Beta Immune Activator is actually a patented extract derived from yeast cell walls. All the potentially harmful proteins are removed leaving you with a highly purified and micronized form of Beta Glucan. Your macrophages are very good at  recognizing yeast. When they come across purified Beta Glucan particles, they immediately go into full 9 site alert believing that they are detecting some kind of a yeast infection. The Beta Glucan activates them fully, yet it is not a yeast particle. What you end up with is a fully activated macrophage looking for a deadly serious yeast invader that isn’t there.

During this search none of the rally bad guys, from cancer cells and toxic debris to bacteria and viruses, are safe from the detection and the full attention of your fully activated macrophages. A fully activated macrophage sees all, and calls in the appropriate immune system response to handle all the true invaders it now discovers.

If on the other hand, your activated macrophages do not find any harmful pathogens or invaders, nothing happens. Scientific research has also demonstrated that macrophages fully activated by Beta Immune  Activator will not trigger an auto  immune response. In fact, the research has already proven that a  macrophage activated by Beta Immune Activator is actually better able to recognize foreign particles for what they are and prevent your immune system from over responding. Think of a fully activated macrophage as a fully alert macrophage ready to go to work if needed. This is exactly what you need to enjoy the benefits of a fully activated immune system.

Science Discovers even more Health Benefits!

By now you probably have a very good understanding of how important activated macrophages are to you. Without them, you would die in a matter of seconds as your own body generates many toxins as a normal process of life. Recent research is also showing that  Beta Immune Activator may also be very beneficial for some very serious and common diseases, like Diabetes and Cancer.

Not all Beta Glucan will  Work:

There are many different Beta Glucan products on the market. Some cheaper and some more expensive, but none better than Patented IBeta Immune Activator.

First of all Beta Immune Activator is very highly purified and refined. You get highly purified and highly effective Beta Glucan and nothing else.

Secondly, Beta Immune Activator is micronized to a very small and consistent particle size. This is critically  important because for any Beta Glucan to be utilized by your body, it must first pass through very small openings in your small intestine where it can then be transported throughout your body to activate your macrophages into action


2 capsules provide the following nutrients values:

 Beta Immune Activator:

 Beta Glucan ………..  20 mg.

Suggested Use:

1 or 2 capsules daily, twice daily.


Member Price:

V101 - 30 Capsules $43.95

V102 - 60 Capsules $77.95


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