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Bromelain is a complex of protein-splitting enzymes found in the middle third of the root stem of the green pine-apple. It was first introduced as an important  nutritional agent in 1957. Since then, over 200 medical and scientific articles have been published documenting its many amazing benefits.

It is an effective digestive enzyme and it has been shown to be very beneficial in eliminating indigestion and digestive upset as well as the healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers. Research has also shown Bromelain to be an effective smooth muscle relaxant and thus it has been beneficial in aiding the body to relax stomach and intestinal cramps and relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

One of the amazing properties is the ability of Bromelain, documented by Drs. Miller and Opher, to cross the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream by up to 40%. As a result of this remarkable ability the benefits may be applicable throughout the body. For example, because of Bromelain powerful enzymatic digestive ability, it has been found to be effective in dissolving atherosclerotic plaque and it is believed to have the ability to dissolve existing blood clots. The distinguished Dr. Hans Neiper of West Germany calls Bromelain the “arterial pipe cleaner.” Because of this ability Bromelain is used in the professional and sports fields to dissolve bruises and prevent excess swelling as a result of athletic injuries.

In the body’s war on cancer, the white blood cells produce such substance as the “tumor necrossing factors,” which help break down cancer cells. Some authorities such as Drs. Atkins, Kelley, and Neiper believe that enzymes of Bromelain may provide important assistance in the breakdown of cancer cells by these natural anti-cancer agents of the body.

Bromelain has also been documented to have anti-inflammatory properties. It seems to calm and relieve pain and inflammation in the stomach and   intestinal areas as well as in sore and swollen joints. It has also been found to increase tissue utilization of antibiotics and has demonstrated antibiotic properties of its own with regard to bacterial infection of the lungs, bronchia and intestinal tract.



One Bromelain capsule contains the following nutrient values:

Bromelain  2000GDU  …………  500 mg.

Suggested Use:

One to two capsules after heavy meals as an aid to digestion as needed. Two or four capsules three or four times per day between meals for its other benefits, or take as directed by your physician.



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