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Chromium Plus is an exciting new product formulated with Vanadium, Chromium, Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Gymnema Syvestre Extract, Momordica Charanta Extract. Alpha Lipoic Acid, & Noni to provide nutritional support to help your body combat Insulin  Resistance, Syndrome X, Type ll   Diabetes, Fatigue, Hyperinsulinemia, and many other  Blood Sugar Problems.

♦ Increase Your Physical  Energy Levels

♦ Reduce  Insulin Resistance

♦ Facilitate Movement of  Insulin Across Cellular Membranes

♦ Significantly Improve Cellular Energy Levels

♦ Stabilize Blood Glucose Levels

♦ Improve Weight Loss Ability

♦ Increase Your Cell’s Ability to Utilize Insulin and Glucose for Optimum Energy Creation.

When cells lose their ability to take up insulin effectively the body is said to be insulin resistant. In nearly all cases of type 2 diabetes too much insulin is circulating in the body; the cells and tissues of the body are simply unable to take it in and utilize it properly.

It is now recognized that type 2 diabetes is not a  condition that arises suddenly and without warning, but rather is an advanced state of insulin resistance that has been present for some time. In most instances, insulin resistance has been present for decades before an individual is found to be diabetic.

When insulin resistance develops, the body attempts to solve the problem by producing more insulin. This strategy is effective in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing the appearance of the symptoms of diabetes, but the rise in circulating insulin creates a challenge that the medical world is now calling the “Metabolic Syndrome” or “Syndrome X”. Several factors contribute to the development of insulin resistance. Some people have a genetic make-up that makes them more likely to develop insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes commonly follows family lines. This is not the only predisposing factor however. Fortunately most people can overcome their genetic predisposition by making wise choices in life.

Insulin resistance and the resulting metabolic syndrome result almost exclusively from physical inactivity and the consumption of refined foods, which generate profound nutritional deficiencies.


Almost anyone is capable of increasing the level of physical activity. While walking is one of the best forms of activity for improving insulin resistance, any activity that creates muscular activity is beneficial. Losing weight, however is not so simple.

Since Insulin’s primary function is to convert sugar to fat, high levels of insulin promote weight gain. As body weight rises, insulin resistance increases. In response the body produces more insulin, which converts more sugar to fat, and the vicious cycle continues.

Chromium Plus was for formulated to address the causes of insulin resistance in a comprehensive manner. Chromium Polynicotinate is the key ingredient. Chromium is an insulin co-factor, and chromium deficiencies, which are widespread in our society, are indistinguishable from what is called type 2 diabetes. The polynicotinate form is the most bioavailable, meaning that it is the form that is best absorbed and utilized by the body.

Chromium alone will reverse some, but not all instances of insulin resistance. The presence of vandadium, a trace mineral, significantly increases chromium’s efficiency. Vanadium has been likened to a key that unlocks the door that allows insulin to enter the cell. Magnesium is also an important mineral in reversing insulin resistance. This is not including it in the formulation, however, because magnesium is typically taken as an individual supplement, often in combination with calcium.” 

Several herbs have been demonstrated to effectively moderate glucose levels.

Chromium Plus effectively supports the body’s ability to use insulin effectively. This is important not only when the metabolic syndrome is present, but when insulin resistance has progressed to Type 2 Diabetes as well. The same supports may improve the success rate of weight loss regimens, particularly when a family history of diabetes or signs of elevated insulin levels are present.

                                                      Per 2 Capsule Serving Size:                                                    

Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate)..........................5 mg

Chromium (Polynicotinate).....................100 mcg

Green Lipped Mussel Extract.....................300 mg

Gymnema Syvestre Extract........................200 mg (Standardized to a minimum  20% Gymnamic Acid)

Momordic Charanta Extract…....................80 mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid.......................................50 mg

Noni (Morind Citrifolia)..............................50 mg

Suggested Use:

It is recommended that individuals with metabolic syndrome take one or two capsules twice daily.

When used to support the body’s needs in Type 2 diabetes two capsules should be taken with each meal.

One or two capsules are taken with each meal as part of a comprehensive weight loss regimen.



Member Price:

V1020 - 60 Capsules



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