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Hypertension, or high blood pressure as it is popularly known, affects one out of every three adults in America. Many studies have indicated that a lack of minerals in the arterial walls may be a leading cause of this problem. Only three minerals have been found to be of key importance, They are magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Studies of drinking water around the world have shown that where the water has little magnesium or calcium, the risk of high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks is very high.

Other studies have shown that when supplemental magnesium is given to heart attack patients, their survival and recovery rate is several times greater than those who do not receive it. It has also been demonstrated that individuals who died from fatal heart attacks have 20 to 30 percent less magnesium in their heart tissues than individuals who die from other causes. Lack of magnesium has also been shown to result in abnormal cardiac rhythm which is often fatal. Elevated blood triglycerides have been associated with low serum levels of magnesium. It has also been shown that low magnesium is associated with low  levels of the beneficial HDL. Cholesterol and elevated levels of the dangerous VLDL fraction of cholesterol.

Magnesium is the mineral primarily responsible for keeping calcium out of the cells which make up the walls of the arteries. When magnesium is too low, calcium enters these arterial cells and cause their muscle fibers to contract, thus raising the blood pressure. When magnesium is supplemented, this calcium is removed from the cells, the muscle fibers relax and blood pressure drops towards normal.

Two-thirds of the minerals in the cells which make up the walls of the arteries is potassium. Potassium allows the arterial cells to remain relaxed and maintain normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is a rarity among primitive people whose diet contains as much as 10 to 20 times more potassium than sodium. Modern food processing removes most of the potassium and adds sodium. Thus modern diets are generally only one and one half times more potassium than sodium which for a great many people translates into high blood pressure. Several studies have shown that supplements of potassium allows the body to reduce high blood pressure.

Dr. Laboret of France discovered that when magnesium and potassium are combined with a fraction of whey, which is rich in an amino acid called aspartic acid, the minerals and the acid would combine to form a special salt. This salt is called an aspartate. Dr. Hans Nieper of West Germany found that potassium and magnesium aspartate  were much more readily taken up by heart and arterial cells than other forms of these minerals.

Formula CM contains potassium and magnesium in the exact same ratio and amount, and  complexed with aspartic acid as that used by Dr. Hans Nieper. It is aspartic which allows the  minerals to be so readily taken up by cardiac and arterial tissues. In addition, it contains bromelain, that wonderful enzyme from the green pineapple which was used by Dr. Nieper. Bromelain has been shown to dissolve blood clots, prevent new ones from forming and helps improve the prostaglandin balance for better health of the arterial walls.



Six capsules of CM Formula contain the following nutrient values:

Potassium………………………………. 360 mg.

Magnesium……………………………..  240 mg.

Bromelain……………………………….  140 mg.


Suggested Use:

Two capsules three times a day after meals for maintenance.

For those with moderately elevated blood pressure we suggest three capsules, three times per day with meals.

For those with seriously elevated blood  pressure, or those who have recently experienced a heart attack, we suggest four capsules, three times per day with meals and again at bed time for a total of sixteen capsules per day, or take as directed by your physician.



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#V3006 - 180 Capsules



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