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A healthy, well functioning colon found to be a vital link to a long and disease free life!

By Dr. Preston, N.D.

While the subject of our bowel movements is not something most people discuss with anyone, even their doctor, recent research is demonstrating that how healthy your colon is, and how frequently you have bowel movements is a major factor in how long you will live and how healthy you will be as you age. Although chronic constipation has long been associated with the development of colitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and colon cancer, it has also now been established as one of the primary factors contributing to the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries and uterus, impaired liver function, and degeneration of brain tissue. Scientists are just now beginning to examine the relationship of constipation to the development of disease, and they are finding many powerful correlations. For example, it was recently found that people who have only one bowel movement every 2 or 3 days are 4 times as likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

It takes many years for the harmful effects of a unhealthy and poorly functioning colon to be made manifest in the tissues of the body. Due to this long delay, most people, and until recently even the medical profession, failed to realize that by ignoring chronic constipation as though it were merely a harmless nuisance, serious and irreversible damage was being done. Now it is realized that the long term results of an unhealthy and poorly functioning colon is the eventual onset of some form of fatal illness. For the sake of a long and healthy life, you simply cannot afford to ignore the health of your colon.

How an unhealthy colon is created:

As you probably realize, the first step to a healthy colon is actually a healthy diet. A healthy diet is one that consists as much as possible of foods that come fresh from Nature with as little alteration as possible. Fresh meat, fish and poultry, fresh fruit and   vegetables of a wide variety, fresh eggs, whole milk, butter and natural cheese, coconut and palm oil, and whole beans, nuts and grains are what make up a healthy diet. These foods are filled with great, easy to access nutrition, and are easy for your stomach, pancreas and small intestines to digest. Thus they contribute to creating a healthy colon by passing along only a residue that serves as food for the beneficial bacteria.

As we age, the ability to produce digestive enzymes, both in the stomach and in the pancreas and intestines, declines and efficient digestion   declines with it, thus aging itself contributes to passing along poorly digested food residue to the colon, which contributes to poor colon heal. Fortunately we have supplements of these enzymes to offset this natural decline. Prima Gest as a stomach acid supplement, and Panzymes as a pancreatic and intestinal enzyme supplement.

All the man made foods, sugar, flour, hydrogenated oils (margarine and vegetable shortening), refined poly saturated oils and the highly processed food products made from them, are low in nutrition, and are hard to digest without leaving large amounts of a residue that serves as food for pathogenic bacteria and fungus.

The need to take antibiotics is the second most important factor in creating an unhealthy colon. This is because the antibiotics kill off the good  bacteria in the colon, which allows putrefactive and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and fungus to take their place. Only if the physician who gives the antibiotic is knowledgeable enough to follow the antibiotic treatment with the administration of  beneficial bacteria, will this harm be avoided. Unfortunately this is almost never the case. Tragically many children get started down this road at an early age as their pediatricians give them many doses of antibiotics without also administering the beneficial bacteria. If, in addition, the diet contains many of the processed foods, the situation in the colon is made just that much worse.


How an Unhealthy Colon Creates Disease:

When either improperly digested food, or highly refined low fiber food residue enter the colon, it is incapable of serving as food for the beneficial    bacteria, and thus their beneficial byproducts are not produced, and of course, if the beneficial  bacteria are missing, the beneficial by products will not be produced.  Chief among these beneficial  byproducts are two very important acids, lactic acid which keeps the pH of the colon unfriendly to pathogenic yeast, and butyric acid which combines with calcium and magnesium to create butyrate's that nourish the cells lining the colon and prevent them from turning into polyps and cancer cells.

In other words, colon polyps and colon cancer are the direct result of the cells lining the colon not receiving the butyrates found in a normal, healthy colon content. Studies have even shown that making the butyrates available to pre-cancerous colon cells will allow them to return to normal cells.

Since these pathogenic yeast live on glucose, the more sugar there is in the diet, the more abundantly they thrive in the intestines. In addition, the higher the blood level of glucose, the more they thrive in the blood and tissues of the body.

In addition, there are the putrefactive bacteria, which   produce a wide range of toxic chemicals that flood into the colon as a by-product of their metabolism. It must be remembered that there are more cells of bacteria and yeast living in the human colon than there are cells that make up the entire human body. The massive combined number of putrefactive bacteria can create so many harmful chemicals in the colon that the fecal material can be so toxic as to be lethal.

If you have a history of long term, chronic constipation, it would no doubt be wise for you to start giving your overworked liver some additional help until your colon function is returned to normal. (See our Liver Detox and Support.)

Regular, Well Formed, Easy to Pass, Daily Bowel Movements:

If you are wondering how healthy your colon is, the answer is as easy to find as how well your bowel habits fit the heading for this paragraph. If your own bowel habits do not match this statement, modern scientific research indicates you do not have a healthy, well functioning colon  and as a result hidden disease process are developing in your body right now. The longer you have had an unhealthy colon the further along these hidden disease processes have advanced. Fortunately for you, if your colon is unhealthy, there is now a simple and easy way to create a healthy, well functioning colon, even after years of neglect.

As the name of the formula describes, it is not a quick fix or a laxative, it is intended as a daily food to create and nourish true colon health that will allow you to have, perhaps for the first time in your life, the type of daily  normal bowel movements described by the heading of this section. As important as this is to you from the comfort standpoint, and the relief of pain and strain with bowel movements, even more important to you is the long-term benefits to your overall health. A healthy colon will stop feeding the hidden disease processes that have been going on as the result of an unhealthy colon.

Once the constipation is overcome, you must resist the foolish temptation to think that is all you needed to do. You must continue to nourish your colon with this formula on a daily basis to ensure that all the processes that take place within your colon are contributing to your good health and longevity and not secretly destroying it.

There is no point in taking nutritional supplements of herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids if your colon is pouring toxins into your liver to the extent that it is poisoning the tissues of your body and promoting weak genes to break down and create disease.

How to take this Formula:

Since there is a huge range of difference in the requirements of different people who begin taking this formula, it is impossible to give a starting dose that will apply to everyone.

The Institute suggest six capsules a day as a medium range starting dose. These can be taken all at once, or in evenly divided doses morning and evening. ALWAYS take with a large glass of water.

Some of you may require 6 capsules twice a day when you start. Others may only require 3 capsules. You will have to experiment with the dose to fit the needs of your own body. You will obviously require more in the beginning than you will once your colon is healthy and functioning well. You must provide  water to your body throughout the day and when  taking the capsules.

Because this formula does not rely upon stimulants like laxatives do, you must be patient as it may take a day or two for things to start working more effectively. For those whose constipation problems are severe and long standing it is going to take a lot more time. However, be patient, while this formula is not designed as a quick solution, it is however, intended as a permanent one.

                                             Maintenance Dosage: Serving Size: 3 capsules                                                         

Lactospore............................................................105 mg

                      (lactobacillus sporogenes)  Guaranteed live and active organisms of 6 billion per gram           

                           Fructo Oligo Polysaccharides.............................150 mg  Proprietary Colon Repair

Fibre Blend.........................................................1065 mg

                                      (Psyllium Fiber, Prune Powder, Rice Bran, apple Pectin, Oat Fiber, Guar Gum, Bentonite)                                                            

Magnesium (Oxide)................................................90 mg

Ascorbic Acid........ ...............................................45 mg

Suggested Use: 2 or 3 capsules twice daily before meals. Dosage can be increased or decreased to establish regularity as necessary.                                                                                 



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