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Crystalux Deodorant



Crystalux contains NO Chemicals or

                                                                      Perfume—IT WILL NOT IRRITATE

                                                                                       YOUR SKIN.

                                                                        Crystalux contains just two simple

Ingredientspurified water and mineral salts. Check that list against the list of ingredients on your previous deodorant and you will be surprised. Crystalux Does Not Interfere with the Important Detoxifying Process of Your Lymph Glands.

Your Lymph glands are a very important part of your body’s ability to naturally detoxify itself on a regular basis. Through the process of perspiration, your lymph glands are able to get rid of many harmful toxins that need to be eliminated every day to maintain good health. One of the problems with many of the common underarm deodorants and anti perspirants is that they try to mask body odors with synthetic chemicals or perfumes that can really irritate your skin.

Worse yet is that many of the anti perspirants are actually designed to block your pores in an attempt to prevent the natural process of perspiration. When you block your pores and prevent the natural process of perspiration, you also block your lymph glands from expelling harmful toxins. These harmful toxins are then dumped back into your thoracic duct where they are dumped into your blood stream until they reach the liver, which serves to increase the workload on your liver.

Using Crystalux regularly not only eliminates body odor, it also allows your lymph system to detoxify as nature intended it to.

Here is how Crystalux Works:

Crystalux is different. Rather than blocking the function of your lymph glands or masking body odor with some other fragrance. Crystalux works by changing the pH of your skin to an alkaline environment. Body odor is actually created by bacteria that thrive on your skin. These bacteria love an acidic environment. Under the right conditions these bacteria multiply rapidly, doubling their numbers every 20 minutes. In just a few hours, you can have millions upon millions of bacteria, which is the cause of body odor. These bacteria cannot thrive or survive in an alkaline environment.

Crystalux creates an alkaline environment on your skin in which odor-causing bacteria will not survive. You can now eliminate those troublesome body odors safely and naturally.CRYSTALUX:


100% Natural Deodorant Spray

* All Natural Ingredients

* Does Not Irritate Your Skin

* Does Not Interfere with the

  Natural and Important Perspiration Process of Your Lymph Glands

* Does not mask or cover up existing   odors

* No Synthetic Ingredients

* Great for All Skin Types

* Hypo Allergenic

* Unscented

* Non-staining for Skin and Clothes

24 Hour Protection

You don’t need synthetic ingredients or chemicals to eliminate body odor, you need Crystalux!

Crystalux Provides You With Full Deodorant Protection for 24 hours.

Just spray Crystalux two or three times

under each arm after you shower or bath and enjoy the amazing benefits of odor elimination for a full 24 hours!

Crystalux will not stain your clothing as it contains no oils and dries quickly. There are no chemicals or perfumes to irritate your skin and best of all Crystalux will not interfere with your lymphatic system’s ability to detoxify your body.

Finally You Can Eliminate Those Synthetic Chemicals, Waxes, Perfumes, and Metals and Still Smell Clean and Fresh with Crystalux.

One 8 ounce bottle of Crystalux lastsapproximately 2 to 3 months with daily usage!

Try Crystalux today. We guarantee thatyou that you will never go back to your old deodorant. We offer you our 30 day MoneyBack Guarantee with every purchase.

* 1 0 0 % S A T I S F A C T I O N GUARANTEE*

If for any reason you are not completely

Satisfied with Crystalux, you can return it within 30 days.






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