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GMB Protocol


Protect Against Osteoarthritis



Protocol GMB specifically acts to increase the rate of repair by decreasing the body’s natural inflammatory responses, thus improving or maintaining the integrity of connective tissue structures such as cartilages, ligaments and joint synovial lubricating fluids. But that's not all.

As your joints suffer prolonged damage, they become more inflamed and your immune system steps up its attack. So begins a downward spiral of joint destruction and pain.

With continued body inflammation response, your immune system senses danger and starts attacking what it thinks are invading germs. Thus, your joint cartilage takes a beating from your own system creating the start of osteoarthritis.

Once you Stop Joint Destruction,

3 things fall in to place:

1You soon feel less pain because the attacks on your joints have stopped.

2. Your joints stop degrading. Unless you find a way to stop joint cartilage attacks, the damage keeps getting worse. Protocol GMB works to halt this progressive destruction.

3. Your joints go into repair mode. Restoring your ease of movement and flexibility.

Effective so you can be active:

For as little as $0.50 a day and in as little as two or three weeks, you could feel like a new person.

You'll experience improved flexibility in all of your joints and freedom from lingering soreness that will have you...telling your friends, just like the friend or relative has told you about Protocol GMB.

Up to 90% of our customers receive the following benefits after 4 weeks showing significant improvements to knees, hands, shoulders, feet, back and hips.

Joint Swelling -- Down

Tenderness and Pain -- Down

Overall achiness -- Down

Mobility -- Improved

Product Content:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride (promotes cartilage and joint fluid)

MSM (bio-available form of sulfur for cellular rebuilding, anti inflammatory, detoxant)

Glycine (amino acid with unique detoxification properties, mood stabilizing allowing the brain to reach REM sleep)

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate - also called buffered/ester vitamin C, super antioxidant and an aid for absorption of other ingredients)

Calcium (calcium ascorbate - essential in the synthesis of certain connective tissue structures such as collagen and glycosaminoglycan)

Possible Contraindications: May interact with the anticoagulant (blood thinning) drug warfarin (Coumadin). Overall, studies have not shown any other serious side effects. If headaches or loose stool occur, recommended to reduce dosage by half for 2 weeks and slowly increase. Always consult with your health care professional before starting a new supplement or drug.

Recommended Dosage: Powder 5.6 gram scoop (included) once or twice daily with juice, water, tea or coffee,

preferably with meal.

Capsules: (800 mg per capsule) 5-8 capsules daily with meals. May split into 2 servings.

Registered as a Health Canada Safe Natural Product: NPN #80029787


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Member Price:

#6199-600 Grams Powder


180 Capsules (Vegan Caps)



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