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A very high potency therapeutic strength of  Lactobacillus designed to restore an unhealthy intestinal flora back to normal .Healthy Flora) is a highly stabilized form of lactobacillus sporogenes in a convenient capsule. Unlike other forms of acidophilus that frequently lose as much as 90% of their live beneficial organisms, Healthy-Flora has a unique and natural coating that protects it from degradation. This means that you get a highly potent and stable form of good intestinal flora where you need it most. Over 960 million live organisms per capsule!

Many People believe that digestion is simply a process that is performed in their stomach. While it is certainly true that the stomach performs a very important step of the digestion process, there is so much more to good digestion than just the stomach.

Understanding the Entire Process:

Digestion that is complete digestion, is actually a 3 part process that your body has to perform. The first part of the digestion process involves the stomach where acidic enzymes break down food and separate many of the vitamins and minerals. (see Prima Gest). After the stomach performs the first step of separating the beneficial nutrients from your food, the partially digested materials are then moved on down into the pancreas and small intestines where an entirely different set of alkaline enzymes digest even further. At this point the nutrients are ready to be absorbed by your large intestines and colon.

Assuming that you have adequate levels of both the acidic stomach enzymes and the alkaline pancreatic enzymes present so that all the nutrients are separated from your food and broken down small enough to be absorbed, the nutrients are then absorbed by your large intestines and colon where they can be transported and utilized by your body to where they are needed. This is the last part of the 3 step process and all three steps are of critical        importance for optimum health. Here in the large intestines and colon the pH level changes back to a normal acidic state.

In order for your large intestines and colon to really absorb and utilize the nutrients, you need to have plenty of intestinal flora-Lactobacillus present. Without sufficient levels of lactobacillus present,  you will receive very little if any benefit from the vitamins you swallow and the foods you eat.

Why some People get Results and Other Don’t:

Maybe it has even happened to you. Have you ever wondered why some people seen to get much better results from their supplements than others do? They take the same supplements and in the same amounts, yet one person gets much better results than the other. The answer is that the person getting the better results, has a much higher level of lactobacillus than the person getting the lesser results.

How to Change the pH Levels:

In order to change the pH in your large intestines and colon from an alkaline state to a normal acidic state, you first have to kill off all the bad microbes. Essential Flora is the product of choice to accomplish this. It is also very important to eliminate the fuel that the bad guys are thriving on: sugar and flour products from your diet.

Because Lactobacillus ferments non digestible fiber and milk products, short chain fatty acids like Acetic acid,  Lactic acid, Prop ionic acid and Butyric acid are produced. All of these help tremendously in lowering the colon pH levels. Just how important is this?

According to a study in the British Journal of Cancer in 1986, a low colon pH is critical.

% of People with:

Colon Cancer 0% 20% 30% 50% 100%

Colon pH 6.12 6.15 6.21 6.29 6.88

Fiber Intake 25gr. 18gr. 20gr. 21gr. 23gr.


As you continue using the Healthy Flora, the good guys will start to multiply and kill the bad guys off. Once the good guys have cleaned house, you should also consider supplementing your diet with Panzymes  which are the alkaline enzymes that help a tremendously in maintaining the alkaline state of your small intestines.

If you follow this program you will first kill off the bad guys, and then establish a healthy intestinal environment that insures they can’t  survive. Lastly as the good flora-lactobacillus thrive, your colon and large intestines will be able to assimilate and utilize the nutrients from your diet and supplements much more efficiently.

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Serving Size: 3 capsules

Lactobacillus........................................................720 mg

(Guaranteed live active organisms of 4 billion per gram)

Inulin...................................................................720 mg

Suggested Use: 2 or 3 capsules before each meal daily to rebuild healthy intestinal flora


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#V1009 - 120 Capsules



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