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Lip Moisturizers

100% Organic
Unscented or with Organic Essential Oils

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15 oz.

How Tropical Traditions Lip Moisturizers are Different

Filipinos are well-known for their youthful appearance and soft skin, even though they live in a climate that exposes them to the sun's rays year round. Coconut oil is their main dietary oil, and is also the main ingredient in their skin care products.

All of the Lip Moisturizers that Tropical Traditions offers are made with organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Palm Oil, and organic beeswax. Since this skin care product is meant to be used on the mouth, all the ingredients are edible and certified organic. Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil is traditionally made from fresh organic coconuts, and laboratory show that it has a higher level of antioxidants than other coconut oils.

Virgin Palm Oil contains high concentrations of a powerful form of Vitamin E called "tocotrienols" which published research has shown is 40-60 times more potent than alpha-tocopherol (the most common form of Vitamin E found as an additive in most skin care products.) In addition to these powerful Vitamin E tocotrienols, Virgin Palm Oil is also rich in natural carotenes. It is one of the richest natural plant sources of carotenes with concentrations of 500-700 ppm.  It is 15 times more retinol-equivalent than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes, for example.

They are a staple for my family. Your lip moisturizers are the absolute, hands down, best lip products we have ever used! Christine, Omak, WA

Our hand-made lip moisturizers contain no alcohols, no artificial fragrances, and no petroleum products. Because we recognize that many have sensitivities to fragrances, we also have an unscented version. For the Lip Moisturizers that are scented, we only use high quality organic essential oils imported from France which are distilled with low temperature and low pressure over an extended period of time. Low temperature and lower pressure have proven to be the most effective method of obtaining all of the essential constituents from the plant, and provide our products with the very best quality fragrances available.

This is such a great product and I won't buy any other lip balm. Colleen Colorado Springs, CO

Cinnamon/Peppermint Lip Moisturizer:  # TT 542
Spicy and cooling.
Only $4.95

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Tea Tree Oil Lip Moisturizer:  # TT 393
Robust, traditional essential oil.
Only $4.95

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Unscented Lip Moisturizer:  # TT 388
Created for those with allergies or are sensitive to fragrances                
Only $4.95

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Orange/Cinnamon Lip Moisturizer:  # TT 398
                                        Spicy and refreshing                                        
Only $4.95

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Citrus Lip Moisturizer:  # TT 403
                   Refreshing taste of tangerine, orange and lemon.                      
Only $4.95

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