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This product consists of the stabilized green leaves of tender young barley and wheat grass in a powdered form which may be combined with water or other beverages to form a natural juice drink containing the abundance of organic nutritional factors native to these plants.

The Heritage of Barley and Wheat:

For thousands of years the human family has supported life and health through a generous use of the exceptionally nutritious grains of barley and wheat. However, few people have stopped to realize that the nutrition stored in the grain was first created in the tender young leaves of these plants where it was stored until it was time to build the shaft loaded with grain.

Whole Leaf Verses Juice:

There are two approaches to conveniently providing rich benefits of barley and wheat grass, both of them are good. Both consist of concentrating the nutrients by a factor of approximately 30 to 1. This is done by removing the moisture. However, one is only the dried juice which has been squeezed from the leaf. By necessity, this method leaves behind some of the nutrients in the discarded pulp and exposes the nutrients to destruction by oxygen in the air as the juice is dried.

The other method, as in Miracle Green Powder, uses the whole leaf of the young barley and wheat plant. This of course contains ALL the nutrients in the plant. Scientific analysis by qualified independent laboratories has shown that the method of using the whole leaf of the young barley and wheat plant verses using only the juice squeezed from the leaf results in higher levels of nutrients such as chlorophyll, calcium, complete protein and others. In addition, the nutrients are protected from destruction by oxygen in the drying process.

However, the most important point is the absorption factor. The dried juice squeezed from the leaf has no fiber for the finger like “villi” projections of the small  intestines to hold onto. Since the villi is where the absorption takes place, it is important for maximum   assimilation.Miracle Green Powder has the natural barley and wheat grass fiber, which modern research has shown is so vitally important to our good health and maximum digestive efficiency.

Keeping Cool and Dry

The two greatest enemies of organic nutrients are heat and moisture. They allow the nutrients to combine with oxygen and thus destroy their effectiveness. To prevent this, the dried blades of grass are kept under refrigeration until they are powdered. They are then quickly shattered into a very fine powder by a special cold air pulverize. Because there are slight variations in

the Nutritional Qualities of barley and wheat grass, one being higher and the other lower in various nutrients, the two powdered grasses are then blended together to create a uniformly higher  nutritional level than either grass could provide separately. A small amount of brown rice powder is added to serve as a descant, which protects the enzymes. Please note that many of the scientific studies cited in this report were performed using barley and wheat grass processed in a similar manner, as that in Miracle Green Powder, with the exception that today’s product is processed at lower and more favorable temperatures.


Miracle Green Powder can help with conditions such as:

-- Building your blood

-- Promotes Healing

-- Aids

-- Cancer

Barley and Wheat Grass may be as close to the perfect food as an individual can get:

The message is clear!

Barley and Wheat Grass take water and minerals from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air and sunshine from the sky, and give us nature’s most complete food. Using the same technique Nature herself uses to stabilize the life of a seed, Miracle Green Powder brings you the “Miracle Trapped Sunshine” through the naturally stabilized barley and wheat grass.


Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Kelp and Brown Rice Flour in a powder mixes easily  with your favorite beverage. Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Protein, Fibre, Chloryphil , and Nutrients too numerous to list, Miracle Green is complex nutrition as it is normally found in the young wheat and barley grass. 

Each teaspoon contains:

Barley Grass………………………………..900 mg

Wheat Grass………………………………..900 mg

Kelp………………………………………… 5 mcg

Brown Rice……………………………   .199.5 mg

Suggested Use: 1 level tsp in water or other beverage



Member Price:

V3009 - 7oz - $31.95

V3020 - 300 Capsules $39.95


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