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OPC-RSV is the most powerful antioxidant known to neutralize those dangerous free radicals before they can damage your cells and arterial walls, which leads to heart disease and many other degenerative diseases.

Scientists now estimate that your cells are designed to live approximately 120 years. In spite of this, the average life-span is only  70 to 80 years.  Something is attacking your healthy cells and they are prematurely dying off long before 120 years. That something is free radicals. You can’t escape them, but you can control them. If free radicals are damaging your healthy cells, and they are dying off without being replaced by healthy new ones, the effects of aging really start to show in your appearance and in your level of health.  

  Heart Attacks, Strokes and Cancer:

Did you know that these three deadly diseases account for well over 85% of all death by disease every year?

Currently there is no drug or medicine that will prevent or cure these diseases and many medical scientists have come to the conclusion that the only reasonable solution to these diseases is to prevent them.                                                                     

 Our  OPC-RSV is extracted from grapes using a special water based process and the final product also contains natural Resveratrol, an important nutrient that has shown very good protective benefits for your arteries and potential anti cancer/ tumor benefits. Each capsule supplies 50 mg. of OPC and 23 mcg. of Resveratrol.

Clinical Studies Prove Effectiveness of OPC:

In this limited space we can only touch on a few of the clinical studies which have been done. Several studies have shown dramatic improvement in strengthening veins and capillaries, including those with diabetes, cirrhosis, and the elderly. Varicose veins, retinopathy, night blindness and cataracts have all shown exceptional improvement. Edema following injuries and surgery, PMS, even severe cases of arthritis have responded dramatically. Free radical damage is indicated as a major factor in: Aging, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Bleeding Gums, Bruises, Cancer, Cataracts, Cold Feet & Hands, Diabetes Type II, Dry Skin, Edema, Fatigue, Heart Attacks, Hemorrhoids, Inflamed Tissue, Jet Lag, Kidney Damage, Liver Damage, Male Impotency, Menstrual Disorder, Phlebitis, Poor Circulation, Retinopathy, Rheumatism, Senility, Strokes, Stress Damage, Swollen Joint and Wrinkles.

Suggested Use: 3 or 4 capsules daily as a maintenance dose or as directed by your physician.

Each Capsule contains:                                 OPC (Grape Seed Extract)................50   mg.        Resveratrol………………….......... 23  mcg.            In a base of rice flour


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