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Good Health Requires Good Digestion.

For thousands of years humans have eaten a diet of raw foods that contain living enzymes. Scientific studies have shown that enzymes worked in the fundus portion of the stomach to create a predigestion of the food. Thus, as digestion progresses, the pancreas is only required to produce a small amount of enzymes in order to complete the process of digestion.

Today the diet has been radically altered. Almost all the food has been refined, processed and cooked. This has killed all the enzymes. We no longer receive assistance from food enzymes to predigest the food for us. Therefore, we must rely totally upon the pancreas for the production of   enzymes to do the entire job of digestion.

This places an exceptionally heavy burden upon the pancreas. Numerous studies have shown that when animals are fed a diet of enzyme-free food, similar to that of the current human diet, their pancreas will enlarge to two and three times that of normal. This enlarging of the gland is due to its  being overworked in order to produce enough enzymes to digest the food in an enzyme depleted diet.

More significant is the discovery that the longer an individual lives on an enzyme depleted diet, the more deficient they become in the production of pancreatic enzymes. The result of this decline in pancreatic enzyme production is very serious. Many health authorities feel this decline plays a major role in the creation of several health problems.

When digestion is not complete due to a lack of enzymes, intestinal bacteria begins to ferment the undigested food, thus creating intestinal gas and bloating. Undigested food may also create the ideal climate for intestinal yeast such as candida to grow.

Another problem which seems to be directly related to a lack of enzymes is food allergies. When food is not completely broken down by digestion, large food molecules may enter the blood thus stimulating the immune system to create an allergic reaction. For some people this can include a wide range of foods and the response to some may be so violent as to be life threatening.

There are three major problems with most pancreatic enzyme supplements. First, they work in such a very narrow acid-alkaline pH range that they may not be effective. Second, they often have such a heavy enteric coating they do not dissolve until they are so far into the intestines they have passed the point of  effectiveness. Third, they are often “naked” enzymes lacking the support elements necessary to be effective. For these reasons many people who have tried pancreatic enzyme supplements have not seen any improvements.

Panzymes have been especially formulated to solve all three of these problems.

First, Panzymes contains a special strain of digestion enzymes derived from   vegetable sources which are active over a broad range of pH from very acid to very alkaline.

Secondly, Panzymes has a special vegetable coating designed to release the enzymes into the upper portion of the intestines where they are most active. In addition, Panzymes contains the same natural buffer found in the duodenum of the small intestines which neutralizes stomach acid, thus increasing the effectiveness of the enzymes.

Thirdly, Panzymes contains raw duodenal and pancreatic tissue, nutritional factors which many authorities feel are important to rebuild these glandular tissues. It also contains pepsin, the natural protein-digesting enzyme bromelain from pineapple and pepsin from papaya. This unique combination of enzymes and nutritional factors come together to create what may be the most effective digestive enzyme formula available today.

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