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There is a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence which shows that fiber in our diet is very important in maintaining good health. There are many different kinds of fiber, and they are not all equal in the benefits they provide. One of the fibers which is turning out to provide exceptional benefits is derived from the seed husks of the Plantago Ovata plant which grows in India. This is a soluble fiber which holds a lot of water and develops a lubricating gum. This gum is able to absorb cholesterol, fat, bile, acids and toxic metabolites and carry them out of the colon before they can cause harm.

Recent studies have shown that colon cancer is caused by toxic materials generated in the colon by bacteria and yeast, as well as by bile acids, excess fat and cholesterol. This fiber may work to help prevent these problems in two different ways. One way, of course, is by the power of absorption of these substances. The other is by helping to provide bulk and lubrication which increases colon peristalisis and increases the speed of transit time. In other words it may prevent constipation. It keeps a person regular naturally without a laxative. One of the keys to preventing colon polyps and cancer is to avoid constipation. Avoid allowing toxic substances from having a long-term  contact with the colon tissues.

Such fibers may also be valuable in preventing the  development of conditions which are favorable to diverticulitis, colitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. It may achieve this by maintaining bulk which stimulates colon muscles to eliminate fecal material naturally without pain and strain. It may also achieve these benefits by providing moisture retention in the stool, serving as a stool softener which allows for a smooth, non-irritating transit of fecal matter through the colon, rectal tube and past the anus without creating trauma.

It is very important to good health that intestinal transit time be on the order of a 24 hour cycle. Slow transit time reflected by bowel movements every 2 to 4 days allow toxic materials an exposure to colon tissues which is much too long. In addition, such slow transit  time allows an excessive amount of water to be removed from the stool causing it to become hard and abrasive.

This irritates colon, rectal and anal tissues and promotes diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Plantago ovato fiber as supplied by this formula may allow sufficient bulk and moisture to remain in the stool to serve as a stimulus to a  normal 24 hour transit cycle.

On the other hand, a digestive tract which is moving too fast as reflected by 2 or 3 bowel  movements a day, day after day, does not allow enough time for the digestive reactions and absorption to take place. Although most people are unaware of this, Plantago ovato is equally   effective at helping to slow down an excessively fast transit time. In fact it is a time-honored method in the tropic nations where there is a rather constant problem with dysentery.

It achieves this effect because of its ability to absorb excess moisture and mucous thus giving more substance and bulk to the stool.


One heaping teaspoonful of Tasty Fiber  provides the following nutrient value:

Plantago ovato  (Psyllium)  ………….   4000 mg

Suggested Use:

The Institute offers the following suggestion in the use of this product. To provide more bulk which may increase colon peristalsis, mix one heaping teaspoonful in a half a glass of cold water or juice and drink immediately. This may be repeated two or three times a day as necessary until sufficient bulk is obtained. This volume of water or juice is particularly beneficial for those with loose stools or rapid bowel transit time.

Those more prone to severe constipation with dry, hard stool should use a full glass of water or juice with each teaspoonful of Tasty Fiber A teaspoonful of Ascorba-Min added to each glass of Tasty Fiber may increase the moisture content of the stool even more.



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