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Cal Mag Potassium

The formula contains the three minerals for which the body has the highest requirement. The primary benefit of this formula is that it offers all three of these macro-minerals in one capsule, all in forms that are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

This product has been formulated for greater bio-availability and utilization by the body. This formula uses calcium lactate which is quite well assimilated.Don’t let the word lactate fool you, this does not mean it is calcium derived from milk. It means that the calcium is combined with a derivative of glucose (blood sugar) that is known as lactic acid. Since the body can readily dissolve the calcium from the lactate acid, and then use the lactic acid for energy and the calcium for all the many things calcium does, this form of calcium is readily assimilated and extremely well utilized by the body.

The formula also uses magnesium gluconate which is very well absorbed and utilized. This means that the magnesium is combined with gluconic acid, a derivative of glucose (blood sugar). Since the body can easily separate the gluconic acid from the magnesium for all its many purposes, this form of magnesium is easily assimilated and extremely well utilized by the body.

The potassium is from potassium chloride and is also easily absorbed, assimilated and utilized by the body. In fact, numerous studies have indicated that for lowering high blood pressure, potassium chloride works better than any other supplement form.



One capsule contains the following milligrams of available elemental minerals:

Calcium (lactate) ………………  43 mg.

Magnesium (gluconate)  ………8.6 mg.

Potassium (chloride)  …………  51 mg.

Suggested Use:

The Institute offers the following suggestion in the use of this product. Three capsules three times daily to be taken with meals as a maintenance source of these minerals. Twice this amount with meals for those with deficiencies of these minerals or as directed by your physician.



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#V2019 - 100 Capsules



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