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Zinc has been found to be a very important trace mineral involved in a wide range of the biochemical reactions of human physiology.

Zinc supplements have been found to reduce healing time from wounds, whether from spontaneous ulcerations, accidents or surgery by two to three fold. Zinc has also been shown to enhance the immune function.

Zinc has been found to be especially important to male sexual function and is essential for adequate numbers, maturity and activity of the sperm. The prostate gland has the highest concentration of zinc of any tissue in the body. One study has shown that 70% of men suffering from non-bacterial prostasis were relieved of the condition by zinc supplements.

Several studies have shown that a loss of smell, taste and appetite are common when zinc levels are below normal. When supplements of zinc were taken and tissue stores returned to normal, taste, smell and appetite have improved.

When large doses of zinc supplements (220 mg. daily) were given to rheumatoid arthritis patients for 12 weeks, the patients reported a significant improvement in all  aspects of their condition.

Children susceptible to infections were found to have lower-than-normal tissue stores of zinc. They also had a smaller than normal thymus gland (the master gland of the immune system) and a compromised immune response. Zinc supplements were found to restore the thymus gland to normal.

A group of patients with advanced inoperable arteriosclerotic vascular disease with intermittent claudication were given 150 milligrams of zinc daily in supplement form. Within three to 10 weeks there was a significant improvement in all clinical measurements of the         condition including a marked reduction in the incidence of, or total elimination of the intermittent claudication. 

Zinc is normally found in high amounts in the hippampus area of the brain. Zinc deficiency may allow abnormalities in this area resulting in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Certain forms of schizophrenia are associated with low zinc tissue levels. This form of the psychosis has been found to disappear after daily supplements of zinc were administered.

Most soils today are very depleted in zinc and foods grown on them are therefore very low in zinc. In addition, all processed, refined and fast foods have almost all the Zinc refined out of them. Add to this a high intake of alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks and you can see why many people today may need zinc supplements.

This product contains zinc gluconate as an amino acid complex which is a very utilizable form.


One capsule of Zinc Amino Chelate contains the following nutrient value:

Elemental Zinc  …………….  50 mg.

Suggested Use:

The Institute offers the following suggestion in the use of this product. One capsule per day with meals as a maintenance supplement. As a supplement to replace a zinc deficiency, one   capsule three times per day with meals for not longer than three months unless under the supervision of a physician.



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#V2024 - 150 Capsules



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